ISOGAI ACCOUNTING OFFICE Shinichiro Isogai Licensed Tax Accountant
Merits of our office

Prompt Response

We make use of Computer tools so can check and response promptly through e-mail.

Open on weekends

We open on weekends basically.
You can contact at your convinience.

Instruct book keeping making use of computer

For understanding current business condition, you need to calculate by yourself. We recommend introducing computer accounting as possible, which will make the fee cheper.

We recommend Computer Software obtained in the market such as Yayoi Kaikei, Zaimu Ohen as it is costless. Anybody can deal it easily, threfore even the person who is not accustomed to computer will get to know how to input as we instruct.

Compared to handwriting slips, the work for registration will decrease sharply. Customers can leave us the registration at all as well. We see all sales and expenditures,which makes it possible to advise about accounting or tax more densely.

Related to other experts.

Our office is the expert of accounting and taxes. Moreover we cooperate with related experts such as Public consultant on social and labor insurance, Administrative scrivener,and Judicial scrivener to solve the problem. .

Supporting Business Start

We have many customers who have consulted with us from the beginning of the business, so that we have the business know‐how. If you are planning to start business, consult us casually.

How to cope with the financial institutions.

Smaller businesses need to improve the rank to fund smoothly.For that we suggest the improvement of cash flow for the Closing of accounts with surplus, fill the documents for Financial statement based on a guideline for the smaller buisiness accounting.

Clients of Real estates industy.

We have many Real estates industry clients, such as buying and selling industry,estate agency, lease industry,management industry,sales factorage, construct company, Dismantlement construct company, so we have the know-how of tax and finance for this industy.

ISOGAI ACCOUNTING OFFICE Shinichiro Isogai Licensed Tax Accountant